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Life & Career Coaching

As Registered Organisational Psychologists, our coaching approach is grounded in proven methodologies.  We also work by the ethos that we’re all unique, and this is the core focus of our life and career coaching programs.  We aim to help you to reconnect with yourself


We keep our coaching programs flexible to meet your individual needs, as well as results driven, to enable you to take positive steps forward in your  life.  We have listed below some examples of typical packages that work well for our clients.  Please contact us using the online form for further information and to arrange a complimentary consultation.  Coaching services are available online, as well as in person in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney and Singapore


The starter package – Suitable for high school students, recent school leavers and University graduates 

  • Online aptitude assessments (a verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning component)
  • Online personality assessment, with complimentary report
  • A 60 minute feedback session on your assessment results
  • A further 45 minute consultation to prepare your cover letter and resume
  • One standard cover letter summarising your skills and experience
  • A professional resume ready for market


Career change consultation

  • An online personality assessment focusing on identifying talents and motivations, with complimentary report
  • A 60 minute feedback session on assessment results
  • A further 60 minute coaching session on next steps

Leadership coaching 

  • An initial introductory session and an online emotional intelligence assessment which provides information on important leadership competencies
  • A 60 minute feedback session with a complimentary report identifying high strength areas and areas for development
  • A 60 minute coaching session for support, focused on practical tools to enhance leadership development and potential


Personality assessment for development 

  • An introductory session and an online personality assessment
  • A 60 minute feedback session, with complimentary personality report and summary development report


Mindfulness guidance 

  • A 60 minute consultation into leading a more mindful life. Three meditation links will be shared plus a handout detailing leading edge research, useful information, website links and suggestions for reading

An in-depth process for individuals and couples looking to strategise or re strategise their life direction.  Life mapping is a creative and dynamic process where you will be supported to;


  • dream and to vision
  • identify core values
  • set goals and make action plans


Please contact us for more information


Be inspired.